About Smart Contracts

What’s so smart?

Your contract is not a piece of paper or a pdf anymore. It is a piece of code. A piece of code that you sign.

This code contains all the instructions and related conditions regarding your contract. Being executed on a dedicated computer, your "contract" will drive its own execution and even control it against the service level agreement. But smarter contracts will even go beyond. Some will drive the whole value chain of the contracted services to enable an optimized service delivery. Others might connect your customer’s ecosystem enabling a permanent evaluation of the contract against evolving circumstances to suggest optimized adjustments. Smart right?

What's it for?

A contract is generally read once at the time of the drafting and signature but rarely afterwards. Plus it is often quite hard to read. Most of us forget about the contract details the minute it’s signed and its execution is often suboptimal, lead to both customer’s and provider’s frustration. Sometimes it even ends in court... The smart contract solves these problems and many others. If connected to your customer’s data, the smart contract can help you to capture any change in needs and doing so, perfectly fit your customer’s lifecycle.

What’s in it for you?

First, it will protect your business from disruption by disrupting the way you deliver your service. Increased efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, fluid customers experience, increased capacity in listening to your customers, flexibility in adapting your contracts to evolving needs. It will bring you back to the heart of your customer’s ecosystem, reducing the costs in the meantime thanks to a higher level of automation.

Integrating the smart contract to your delivery process will allow you to adapt your business model and bring you at a start-up level business agility.

“Why complicate things
when they can be

About us

Lenster Smart Technologies aims to develop and implement a digital solution for any organisation looking to enhance the experience of its customers and to perfectly fit their lifecycle, while drastically reducing the servicing cost.

The cornerstones of the solution are multiple:

  1. Blockchain technology as a digitalisation enabler (contracts, physical assets, etc)
  2. Smart contracts to implement low-cost decentralised automation
  3. A technical frame enabling the customer's "private space" and smart applications supporting:
    • Consumers in their procurement process (needs identification, decision, etc), with the goal to consume better, at a better price and in less time.
    • Providers in their servicing processes, with the goal to fit these in a fluid way to the lifecycle of their customer
  4. A platform to settle the smart contracts and allow their execution

For example, a first intuitive application could be service contracts for consumers, for financial services like insurances, or maintenance contracts for appliances.

Whatever your business field, smart contracts can help you to maximize your activities, saving you time, human resources… and money!

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